Ripple’s Latest Venture: Catalyst for XRP Price Surge?

Ripple,a global crypto payments provider is stepping into a 1.5 trillion $ industry and this indicates a surge in XRP’s value.The company’s endeavor’s to solve financial challenges approaching ahead for significant growth potential for XRP.

In a recent report on X(formerly twitter) ripple announced its new goal i.e entering the $1.5 trillion industry.Ripple believes that they can make a big change in the IT world by sloving issues like cross-border payments and other financial problems.

According to ripple 97% of payment experts believes that blockchain and digital assets will play a big part in making payments faster within the next three years.Ripple expressed its aim to expand its presence into this prosperous industry.The crypto payment provider also paved the way for IT service providers to use blockchain payments in solving financial issues.

Company believes that by using blockchain payments IT services can easily pay suppliers in other countries. Blockchain payments can also eradicate problems like slow and costly international transfers, high fees, limited bank hours, and not enough clarity.

XRP believes that IT industry will reach $1.5 trillion by 2024.Moreover,they are not just focussing on IT sector. In November 2023 Company said that they are looking forward to dominate the $300 trillion payment business.This smart move fits the company’s goal to change finance and could make XRP prices shoot up.

XRP entry into the trillion dollar industry will serves as “Glimmer of hope” for holders who have been waiting for years to see a change in XRP prices.

A regular clarity will also participate in the price surge of XRP.Keeping in mind the
on-going legal battle with the SEC,favorable rulings can also support the cause, because XRP has faced many hurdles since SEC’s lawsuits has raised many concerns regarding XRP tokens as securities,volatility and legal uncertainities. Increased adoption by financial institution can also lead to a surge in demand and its value.

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