Top 10 Best Hosting Sites

When you are thinking to start a new website for your starter business now or for the future, or a simple online store, and you want to save money to host your site on a cheap web host provider, here is a list of best hosting providers.

There’s no need to spend a big amount on hosting a site. Some good websites offer very good packages at very cheap prices and also their services are very good and provide support on every issue in this topic I have mentioned many hosting sites you can check them all before purchasing a package I have shared my experience with you in this article.

Some of the best website hosting sites include:


NameCheap is the best hosting site to host your site on their server they are offering the best hosting packages at very cheap prices compared to other hosting sites. I have my couple of websites hosted on Namecheap and am very happy with the services also their support staff is very good and always available for help when I face any problem.


Bluehost is a fascinating and the first amongst the most widely used services when it comes to hosting a website. It covers everything you could possibly need for a website. Being the largest website hosting package, it empowers over two million websites across the globe. It offers a shared VPN with dedicated and managed WordPress themes, designs and plans but it is very much concentrated on WordPress as a common base of operations.


Hostgator is a terrific website hosting provider with an array of powerful tools like website builders, bloggers, etc. which are integrated with their hosting platform. It allows Windows hosting along with Unix and a wide variety of different things like cloud computing, VPN connection, WordPress management, etc. It provides a VPS with a dedicated reseller hosting package that includes immeasurable bandwidth, disk space, etc. You can sign up with Hostgator and have everything involved in it.


As one of the most recommended website hosting by WordPress, you can add an extra layer of skin to your website privacy like the SSL certificate for security, etc. If you are new to website hosting, SiteGround is a desirable choice with an absolute uptime of 24/7 customer care team to ensure your satisfaction. It is well renowned not only for WordPress but also for other hosting sites as well by internet geeks. Congruent to Bluehost, SiteGround goes hand in hand with WordPress websites providing services at all skill waves through various tasks like generating a back up to the data on your website automatically for every single day. If you are willing to start a dozen of websites at the same time, SiteGround can help with their two major planners, i.e., GrowBig and GoGeek.


Hostinger deals the cheapest of their premium packages say less than two dollars for a month. Using TechRadar Professional, netizens are eligible for additional discounts through shared hosting plans with less than three dollars per month on a year’s subscription. They offer a variety of hosting types with their lowest price plans for WordPress, VPS and cloud computing begin at about two to four dollars per month. Yet, they are not dedicated to scalable hosting plans reducing their efforts.

Note: I am personally using their services and am very much satisfied and also they provide the biggest sale on the internet they OFF 94% of their prices on Christmas.


DreamHost is another recommended choice by WordPress when it comes to their hosting plans. It houses a managed WordPress site hosting in its basic shared plans. It also provides email hosting with a defaut storage of 25 GB capacity for synchronisation of emails between mobile phones and computers. It is one of the most affordable services for rookies with no proper comprehension of the internet. Their shared plans offer a free domain with a free SSL certificate, along with unlimited free bandwidth through a clean installation of WordPress. For less than three dollars, you can share unlimited free for a month on a year’s subscription.

A2 hosting:

A2 hosting is the fastest website hosting package when compared with the other hosts. They mitigate cyber breaches by identifying them with strengthened DDoS protection. They need two anonymous keycards in their databases. They also setup metadata franchises in all aspects of their respective planning unlike other sites (incl. WordPress, VPS, etc). They have a high-speed reliable customer services in India, although not shown up with an attractive look but the expense is not the whole story.

InMotion Hosting:

VPS hosting with Inmotion provides an SSL certificate automatically in a simple way for each person paying a visit to your website. It is expendable to convert drama to life for hosting types as in cloud, VPS, shared, reseller, etc. with prices ranging at nearly eleven dollars for each month. Their VPS plans are flexible when compared to cloud computing and sharing. They begin with free plans for users leading to an embodiment of business. It is one amongst the top five website hosting sites in Macintosh computers. It is optimised for WordPress bloggers through dedicated servers and additional solutions. It has an excellent customer service with high levels of its contents to full packages with top features of high quality products and solutions with ease of performance.


GoDaddy provides you unlimited amount of storage to an unlimited number of website developments through their edition as Deluxe Plan, Ultimate Plan and Maximum Plan. It has a 24/7 technological support with an unaltered uptime alongside dedication to shared VPS WordPress hosting package. However, its security is not as good its performance. Yet, it is a good consideration for bloggers due to their price-free characteristics in a free domain and regular database collection through upgrades by default. Due to its original lightspeed protection, it has entered into the WordPress management hosting site making the biggest container of domains in the planet.

If you guys found this topic helpful so please comment below and if you want to correct me on any hosting provider you are more than welcome.

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