Top 10 File Sharing Pay Per Download Websites 2022


Rapidgator is well-known File sharing site

They are also providing PPS/PPD Program with PPS program users will earn 50 % of premium sell price if visitors purchase premium membership of rapidgator to download your file you will earn 50% of the total value of the membership instantly.

with PPD users will earn some money when visitor download your file but it is very less amount I personally don’t recommend PPD for Rapidgator but you can use rapidgator for PPS and Rapidgator is the number one file-sharing website for Pay Per Sell in 2022.

For Purchasing Premium Rapidgator provides many options

and when you get sales on your files and earn more than 15$ you can easily withdraw your money in these withdrawal options.

user will receive money in following payment Processors on Thursday of every week automatically.

Join Rapidgator

2. ddownload

ddownload is also top rank file sharing site in these days

they also provide both PPS/PPD programs.

But there PPD is very famous and many webmasters love to user Pay Per Download of ddownload.

They pay the user’s payment on Friday of every week.

following payment processors, they are using…

I highly recommended this site

Join ddownload


NitroFlare is a famous file sharing site.

They also provide PPS/PPD Program users using nitroflare also for PPS as a second option after rapidgator because they pay you little rewards of PPD also with PPS Program but they do not allow you to work only on PPD.

So I do not recommend new users to start work on Nitroflare.

but if you have high traffic on your site you can try this host and tell us your reviews.

they are paying users payment when they reach 100$

and their supporting processors are.

Join NitroFlare


Uploadgig is a premium host from this website Visitors will not be able to download files without purchasing premium.

This is the best website if you start your work on a pay per sale and for long term

They have 6 categories of PPS means

  • Your sales less then 200$ you get 50%
  • your sales more then 200$ you get 60%
  • your sales more then 500$ you get 65%
  • your sales more then 2000$ you get 70%
  • your sales more then 5000$ you get 75%
  • your sales more then 20000$ you get 80%

The minimum payout is 30$

Supporting Payment Processors

Paypal, Bitcoin, Webmoney

Join UploadGiG


DropAPK is the first site of a dropapk company they launched more File sharing sites I mentioned below.

Dropapk is a good site if you want to earn some money with your file sharing…

Their minimum withdrawal is 5$ only and the good thing is you will get your money in less than 24 hours.

there supporting payment processors are..

Join DropAPK


Mixloads is the second site of Dropapk company they are running very well these sites.

you can also work on this site I am using this site for PPD but you can try for PPS also I didn’t

I recommend you for PPD.

mixloads minimum payment is 10$

supporting payment processors are

Join Mixloads

7.FastClick is the third site of Dropapk company and they are running quite nice this site also.

I am using this site also for PPD Same thing is you can try PPS but i love their PPD plan and enjoy my eaning…

their minimum payment is 10$

and the same thing they are paying in less than 24 hours and paying daily

The payment processor they use for payouts is here..



File-up is one of my favorite site.If you have a lot of traffic then you must use this site.

Admin is running this site very smartly and I didn’t face any problem regarding my files and payouts even some people are withdrawing big amounts still admin is paying without any problem.

The good thing is a minimum withdrawal of file-upload is only 1$.

here is withdrawal options of file-upload

withdrawal waiting time is 15 days meaning the admin pays twice a month.



ClicknUpload is also a very good option for Pay Per Download users.

This website PPD is a little less but they are legit and paying on time without any problem

Admin is experienced and running site very smoothly.

User can request a withdrawal when he/she have 10$ more balance in their account balance option

here is withdrawal options for users from clicknupload.

clicknupload provides only 3 withdrawal options for users.

  • Bitcoin
  • WMZ
  • Paypal

Admin is paying twice a week some times you can see a little delay in payments but you will receive your money.

Join ClicknUpload


If you want to earn money with your files you must try UsersDrive.

They are paying a little less rate of PPD but they are also legit means if you earned in usersdrive you definitely got paid.

Their minimum withdrawal limit is 10$ but there is no time for withdrawing means you get your money during 3 months period in 1 day or after 90 days of the request but you will receive definitely.

UsersDrive available withdrawal options are

Join UsersDrive

I wrote this Article after my own research and after working as a file uploader (webmaster) last 5 years I tried to help all new users who want to start their journey as file uploaders or they have a website and they want to earn some cash with their files. I think this article will all new and old users who want to know which is paying and which is a scam.

I mentioned only the top 10 sites there are a lot of file-sharing sites and they are paying with honestly but I write about those sites which I tried personally and received the money.

If anyone needs to know more about these sites I can help you guys and I can share payment proofs as well.

Feel free to comment under this article and also if anyone needs to review of any file sharing site please mention the name of a site in the comment box I will definitely check and tell you you guys details about that site.

highly appreciated your comments.

Thanks a lot.

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