Download Managers vs Browser Downloading

The download managers are programmed applications used for the downloading of files and folders from the internet but internet browsers are software programs that are mainly used for browsing the internet and also downloading files from it, which is comparably less effective than the former. They are basically installed as a separate application for a respective operating system in your computer or even a mobile phone. Moreover, they can also be installed in a specific internet browser of your device as a unique extension or an add-on.

Download managers can also accelerate the process of getting a new job done at an early stage of the most common downloads without using them. They can also grab the elements of the non-textual content in a browser to provide them offline even without the availability of a hyperlink to get such content. They even facilitate a resume capability for most of the downloads which may not be obtained when downloaded from the following browser.

A download manager also functions the usage of beginning the downloads through catalogs in a further time of the future, which is not possible in the general idea of a web browser, through the form of queues. They are capable of renaming the files, and also moving the files from one directory to another, that are being downloaded even though when they are themselves in the middle of their respective downloading which again is impossible in the ordinary downloads directly from a website browser without the prior art of an extra application manager.

Unlike external managers, downloads cannot be organized in the form of categories in a default browser. Download managers also support the facility of downloading a massive amount of databases in a single click automatically which must normally be done an ample number of times for the same set of databases in an internet browser with more than one click for each download. They also provide an opportunity to meet up with all the following links to the prescribed URL for a web page in its entirety for their download, even selectively, through a timely basis and in a timely fashion as in their respective options, such as Grabber which is meant for capturing every single hyperlink on a respective webpage, devoid of its contents that does not have any further assistance or clarification on any given means to download in a browser.

Download managers cannot only provide the downloading of the ordinary files transmitted with its own unique hyperlinks to themselves from the browser but are also available for the downloading of torrent files through magnet links, info hashes, checksum, etc. They are also available with your basic speed managers for each of the files being downloaded for increased efficiency in the browsing of websites in your browser during the downloads in an external application. Some of the download managers are portable enough to be used in various platforms, i.e., one specific download manager is widely available in the formats necessary for each operating system of your respective device, but with reduced efficiency and productivity in the increased gradient of the reduced pricing for the types of operating systems.

A file downloaded through a download manager can also be shared between devices and also between friends and family wirelessly unlike a browser download that is not available in another embodiment and is confidential to that specific operating system of a particular operating system.

Download managers can download an archive in the form of packets and can also merge the packets as one archive automatically for extractions in the hard drive of a computer, including the automatic removal of the archive and its packets, with a simple click to save time and effort but without an extended procedure for a browser as in downloading each packet with an anonymous number of clicks from the following URL and repeating the same procedure for the other packets with a lot more number of clicks until the last packet is downloaded manually, later engulfing in the combined extraction of those packets for the only one necessary file in them and then deleting the original packets to secure the drive space, which is very exhaustive for the user.

A download manager is more user-friendly than an internet browser as it can turn off the phone modem, i.e, the internet or even the computer itself to sleep, restart, lock, log off, hibernate, etc. after the completion of a download automatically which is not capable through a browser, forcing the user to stay awake all night long to prevent ones respective network to be hacked in the spare time, like a virus inside a device in its intermediate level spreading without the prior knowledge of the user, or even prevent the device itself from overheating without the performance of a task in it.

Some of the best download managers include:

Internet Download Manager:

Internet Download Manager, also known as IDM, is the most renowned download manager and is used in default by millions of people across the planet. It is basically a Windows operating system-based software which was one the oldest download managers developed over a decade ago. It is integrated into a browser for automatic downloading through links being provided above or below a plugin window for downloading multimedia content just by streaming it online in a browser tab.

IDM is essentially the best download manager available to date, not only available for Windows alone but also for other operating systems like Android, etc. In the Android operating system, it can also be used to download torrents that are not available for Windows operating system, but with reduced efficiency over regular downloads with respect to desktop browsers. It is also the fastest download manager available today with an accelerated speed engine, unlike browser downloads which consume double the time for the same files.

Internet Download Manager provides 15-30 days of free trial for users to test its speed and durability but is later charged with a purchase online providing a serial number for its registration to its full version for a lifetime validity with updates for every month with increased efficiency. IDM is definitely worth in purchase and is my personal favorite in my opinion. It can also refresh the download links when interrupted or stopped through loss of power supply, etc. to resume them instead of downloading from the beginning as in the internet browsers.


JDownloader is a convenient management tool for downloading archives in the form of packets leading to automatic extraction with the removal of the original packets, making it handy for the user in saving time and effort. It is a freeware tool enhancing the download and extraction of archives in the background without the user interfaces in every instance. It provides free backup software to store data offline free with no charges. Like IDM, it also provides a resume capability for its downloads making the users move with haste.

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