Top Best Wireless Printer 2022

In today’s world, technology is gaining more importance. The technology is used as a basic information tool for the development of useful equipment that can be used in a variety of ways. Technology is becoming very advanced now a days that not only exist in the form of invention of wireless computers but there are also wireless printers that are useful in small and large businesses, schools, college and universities all over the world.

Moreover, the wireless printers are leading the mode of efficiency and quality by offering cost effective, convenience technology and easy accessibility.

So, if you are fed up with a lot of wires of computer and printer then this unique technology has made you work easier and convenient.

Here is the list of the top most preferable wireless printers. 

  • HP Office Jet Pro 8600 E

It has the quality of digital image processing. Its 2.65 color touch screen and its fast speed show the improvement in this version by the company from previous printer. The product is specifically designed to reduce the energy consumption by saving the natural reserves without compromising on the product quality and performance. Thus, the product earned the ENERGY STAR, a program arranged for the encouragement of office products that are energy efficient.

Moreover, the product produces no ozone gas (O3), as it is environment friendly as well.

You can take colored copy of your document anytime, anywhere quickly.

It has reasonable price.

  • Hewlett Packard DJ 3520 E

This printer is affordable as the price is low and if you want all in one, means the printer that performs multiple function then this will be best for you. You can take print simultaneously on both side of the paper in vey less time and as it is wireless so easy to take advantage from it anywhere.

As the printer is wireless we can print the documents directly from mobile devices with the assistance of HP mobile application.

Additional features:

  1. Easy printing with mobile
  2. ENERGY STAR product
  3. Automatic printing on double side
  4. Wireless connectivity
  • Samsung SCX-3405FW/XAC wireless Monochrome printer

It works through laser printing technology. By the help of this printer, we can scan, print, fax and can copy the documents. It can print 21 pages per minutes. It can give you quick prints, as it is automatically functioning document feeder. For connecting to wifi network, there is one push button.


  1. Professional quality with high-resolution prints
  2. Easily connect to wifi network
  3. Compatible toner
  4. Economical printing

Therefore, it is admirable and efficient technology to be used conveniently.

  • Cannon Pixma MX922

In today’s era, printing becomes more convenient with the canon wireless printer. Because of its superior quality it can perform excellent task of printing, Scanning, Faxing and scanning documents. Is has built in Wi-Fi, that enables you to connect to any computer without any problem. Moreover, additional traits include printing from the cloud.

In this printer, the Air Print feature enables you to connect wirelessly from the iPad and iPod devices for printing purpose.

Additional features:

  1. High speed with stunning printing technology
  2. Stylish and compact that fits perfectly in any place
  3. Enhanced the connectivity by easily connecting to smart phones
  • Epson Expression Home XP-410

Epson printer offers the facility of printing, scanning and copying the documents. It has versatile printing quality and can easily connect wirelessly to any device like smart phones, iPad and iPod. It has advanced printing style that really impresses you.

Additional features:

  1. It has 2.5“ LCD screen that enables you to edit, preview and print the document without any hindrance.
  2. Easily print the photos and documents directly from smart phones and tablet.
  3. Four ink cartridges are available with different ink filling capacities, so any color you want to use can be filled.
  4. ENERGY STAR product
  1. Space saving design and have great performance with sharp and crisp quality results.
  2. Manually print on double side of paper
  • Epson workforce WF-3520

The printer is specifically designed for the business use and is used almost in every business activity and most frequently use for professional work. The best thing is that, it is easy to use and work speedily.

Additional features:

  1. It can manually print on both side of the paper that reduces the paper wastage and is eco-friendly.
  3. Printer design is so adorable and can easily adjust in any place.
  4. Its design is very unique and adorable and it has the capacity of holding 250 pages. So, you can take lots of prints simultaneously without repeatedly loading papers.
  • Canon Pixma Printing Solution MG7120

Canon printer offers beautiful and amazing large screen that can help you to easily view, edit and review the photos. It has magnificent printing results that ultimately wonder you. It has numerous unique features that make your work easier and faster, that ultimately give you quality results.

Additional features:

  1. It has six ink tanks available
  2. Fast speed with capacity of printing 15 images per minute
  3. High quality resolution
  4. Auto duplex printing
  5. CD and DVD printing features available
  6. Automatically power on the printer when you send the document for printing
  • Samsung SL –M2825DW/Xac

It has wireless mono laser printers that give you excellent results. It has fast printing speed and innovative technology that give you awesome results. Moreover, it is valuable but still it assures you to provide best output. It reduces the cost burden with excellent output.

Additional features:

  1. It has professional results with perfect and reasonable price. The printer gives you speedy results without compromising on quality.
  1. It saves time and prints the heavy files within no time, by printing 29 pages per minute.
  2. It has high-resolution printing quality and delivers small text and images in a very fine quality.
  3. Easily connect to Wifi connection and mobile printing facility is also available.
  • Brother HL-2270DW Compact

Brother HL-2270DW Compact monochrome laser printer offers duplex printing quality.  It has outstanding results with Ethernet interfaces.

Additional features:

  1. Flexible and high quality networking
  2. Swift laser printing
  3. Stylish printing quality
  4. Easy to use

Hope you recognize well and after taking a quick analysis, you will choose best wireless printer for your home as well as for your Office.

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Gautam Kumar Panda
Gautam Kumar Panda
4 months ago

I have once had a “HP DeskJet Ink Advantage” printer, like your “Hewlett Packard DJ 3520 E” printer, for about two years (from 2010 – 2012) which was about 8,000 INR in 2010 and is now vintage and totally obselete for today.

It was a 3-in-1 one light-weight printer with all the three capabilities of printing, scanning and copying with the ease of multiple colours as well.

There were a few drawbacks like it was not wireless.
It didn’t have any networking capabilities like Wi-Fi, Cloud computing, Bluetooth, mobile printing, etc.

These features were not available in the electronics before the previous decade as the Android Market was very new and there weren’t any such applications for printing through phones.

Nevertheless, the main drawback were for me during that era was the cartridges used in it which were cost-effective, like 750 INR for just a few fifty millilitres of two each, back in the day.

Once exhausted, they can’t be reused for a second time and must be purchased separately within a month.

I have re-used them in all my experiences with duplicate ink.

Refilling the ink in them is a difficult job as one requires syringes for each of the colours on each cartridge, i.e., three syringes for each of the colours (red, blue and green) on one cartridge and another syringe for black on a separate cartridge.

Refilling the three different colours on one cartridge must be done very carefully without mistaking one colour for another on each of the holes on that cartridge.

Mistaking them will render them useless as one could would be overlapped and mixes with the other providing another variant of the two or more colours on printing.

Moreover, the cartridges would be dried up with the ink hardened in it, making them ineffective for printing or refilling, when exposed to air.

If “Hewlett Packard DJ 3520 E” printer you mentioned in the very beginning of the article come with the similar tiny cartridges that I typed (which I believe to be true), then it is not a good printer at all.

I would advise you to not recommend folks to use it at all.

Doing so, people will feel disgraced like me.

Hence, I have discarded it to a friend of mine six years ago if he could do any repairs and use it for himself and his extended paternal family.

That is not all of my experiences in using printers.

A few weeks before purchasing the above said “HP DeskJet Ink Advantage” wired printer for colours prints, I had purchased a monochromatic laser printer simultaneously for massive printing loads through reams of paper for every month.

I do not recall the name of its brand or its model number but this printer was similar to your “Samsung SCX-3405FW/XAC” wireless Monochrome printer model, but mine was not wireless, and was definitely worthwhile after purchasing it on a second-hand for about 20,000 INR but never spent a penny more like the inked cartridges which were expensive.

Normally, this printer would cost about 65,000 INR from the retailer (back in the day, a decade ago) but lucky for me I purchased it from a consumer with less than half the price.

It was huge and heavy and needs two people on either sides to transport it on a firm stance with flat-plastic elongated sticks extending from two opposite edges on either faces.

It had the same features as my above mentioned HP printer, save for the the monochrome printing and the size of which the latter was compact, like printing, copying and scanning.

Moreover, it had the capacity of faxing as well but was never needed or used in my life.

It ran on the Tonner (black carbonated powder) like your Samsung printer, which was hazardous for inhalation but the tonner issue never arised for months and even a year if used widely.

Unfortunately, we faced trouble after two months of purchase by shifting our houses.

The printer was carried recklessly during the travel and was somehow faulted for repairs which were free as in the first four months of its warranty.

When the four months of warranty was expired, repairs would be priced and henceforth was never rectified and was improperly printing as well.

Thereby, it had become disdainful like my DeskJet printer and was sold away to another consumer for 16,000 INR (dropped from 17,000 INR right after being transferred to him) in 2011 (one year after our purchase).

This printer like your Samsung printer would be effective as Xerox machine commercially in taking copies for students from schools, etc. for their projects and other stuff.

Three years without any home printing, from 2012 to 2015, we purchased an “Epson L220 series” wired printer, a near-replicant to your “Epson Expression Home XP-410”.

This was the only memorable one in my entire life as it was conservative in every way:

—>> It was cheap like the HP printer, say 8,000 INR or less.

—>> It also came equipped with four separate ink tanks (not cartridges like you mistook above) for four different colours, i.e., red, blue, black, etc. that were about twenty times cheaper than the HP cartridges. each colour capacity was about a litre.

I have never had any problems with it for two long years till the end of 2017 when we refilled the ink tanks with fake ink bottles purchased from Snapdeal ruining the containers and the head, the part that sucks the ink for printing, inside the printer forever without any means of recovery.

So, we just put it aside without actually casting it away until now by purchasing another Epson printer, this time it’s L380 series (since L220 series was outadated).

The Epson L380 series printer is still being used even in this year 2022.

I don’t see any difference when compared to L220 series. It is the same in every aspect.

Believe me when I say, Epson printers are the best when it comes to colour prints and must be placed on the top above the HP DeskJet printer which needs to be placed at the last for its ink cartridges which were the worst for its expenditure and volume.

I don’t want to comment on Canon and Brother since I have never used them before.

I have never heard of a Samsung Printer either.

Hopefully, this review must be enough to prove to you that I can an article about 1000 words in.perfect English for you to obtain Google Adsense with sixteen articles in total.

After that, I would like you to download all my files (terabytes of data) from every file hosting sites (not just Rapidgator) including Nitroflare, Uploadgig, Uploaded, etc., and share them through Google Drive and Mega links for free without hesitation and even without limitations on bandwidth.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x