Get RapidGator files for free

RapidGator claims they are the best file storage and sharing site in 2022 and its seems correct at this time.

Users are not able to download files from rapidgator for free they have different premium plans for users

1 Month

$ 14.99 USD 30 days 1 TB Bandwidth unlimited** Storage


$ 14.99 USD 30 days* 1 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Storage

2 Months

$ 29.99 USD 60 days* 2 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Storage

3 Months

$ 39.99 USD 90 days* 4 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Storage

6 Months

$ 49.99 USD 180 days* 6 TB Bandwidth unlimited*** Storage


$ 49.99 USD 180 days* 6 TB Bandwidth 1 TB Storage

12 Months

$ 99.99 USD 365 days* 12 TB Bandwidth unlimited*** Storage


$ 99.99 USD 365 days* 12 TB Bandwidth 10 TB Storage

* Subscription
*** Files will be deleted after 60 days since last download

Advantages you get after purchasing premium from rapidgator.

Premium member will download file with unlimited speed means if you have 10 Gbps connection you can download with 10 Gbps speed.

Member can download files as many as simultaneous he wants to download.

and also members can download many files at the same time means no need to wait in a queue.

There will be no ads for members but free member can see ads on download page.

and the big thing is members can download up to 80 GB files but other hosts provide only 50 GB file maximum.

Rapidgator is a secure connection website members can download securely with their secure https.


RapidGator starts there file host business in 2010

and this is the best file host of all time my favorite file host also

Rapid Gator is a premium host no one is able to download files from Rapidgator for free.

But RapidGator is the best filehost which hosts almost all courses and software.

So I have started to help you all by giving Rapidgator files for free.

You need to provide your Rapidgator links in the comment section of this post

In free hours I will upload the same file to a free file host and provide you a link from where you can download it for free.

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you’re welcome

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do look into this please

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